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The Dark Knight is the name of the latest movie of Batman, the dark superhero that protects Gotham city.

As you know, Batman is not the only famous character of this sage, you'll find Joker, played by Heath Ledger, who died a pair of months after recording the movie, and now it is said that he can be nominated to the Oscars for his role of Joker in this amazing movie.

The Official screensaver of the movie is different from the rest of movie screensavers we have recently seen. While the movie is the The Dark Knight, the screensaver could be named the dark screensaver because, in fact, it is very dark and elegant. It has two different parts, the first one where we will see batman looking through a big window and a second part where we see tall buildings from the floor and we see how cards fly and fal from the sky of Gotham city.

Whether you are a fan of Batman or Joker, download The Dark Knight Screensaver and let Batman protect your screen.
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